About Me

I’m Shan Lakshitha Madusanka, a dedicated individual with a diverse range of skills and a passion for applied biology, agriculture, and human resources. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Biology, which has provided me with a solid academic foundation in the field. I have also undergone practical training in Dairy Farm Management, earning the NVQ 4 qualification in the process.

As a registered NVQ Assessor in Agriculture, accredited by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC), I have the expertise to assess and evaluate individuals competence in the agricultural sector. I have also obtained the Professional Qualification in Human Resource Management (PQHRM) from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), equipping me with knowledge and skills in HR.

Through my industrial experience in organizations such as RRISL, Galoya Plantation, and Ethimale Plantation, I have gained valuable insights into plantation management and agricultural practices. Currently, I am working for NAITA as an inspector, visiting lecturer in hardy agriculture, and registered NVQ assessor for agriculture. I am dedicated to sharing knowledge, ensuring industry compliance, and fostering growth in the agriculture sector.

With my versatile skill set spanning applied biology, agriculture, and human resources, I am eager to continue my professional journey, seeking new opportunities for growth and making meaningful contributions in these fields. My passion and dedication drive me to contribute to innovation and progress in these industries.